Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sumptuous Scarves
A Very Velvet Wonderland

We are very happy that both velvet and scarves are back in fashion! Twenty-two years ago, we started as scarf makers because it was the simplest thing to make out of fabric besides napkins. Now that we are fully engaged in our bedding and pillow business, we like to go back to the scarves so we can play with a different set of colors. We can be bolder, use more luscious colors, and wilder combinations. We are glad to see deep rich velvets in use by designers such as John Rocha, Donna Karan, and Josie Natori.

Photo Credit: Accessories Magazine via Vogue

We've noticed big fur on trend this year while at the same time we have recently found the deepest pile velvet available. It is so lush it's nearly faux fur and just in time for what is on the runway! Since we dye each piece of fabric in our studio we can capture color depth and variation like no one else. Put one of these scarves on and feel the cozy comfort in the most luxurious style.

Left to Right: Panne Velvet Loop in Raspberry, Dove, Midnight

Along with these new deeper piled velvets, we’ve added colors to our shibori line. This technique continues to be utilized in home furnishings as well as fashion. Shibori can look natural and organic while still forming a repetitive and structural pattern. In keeping with the watercolor print trend from designers such as Galliano and in-trend colors, we've added a gray color called Sterling. However, we couldn’t resist taking on some more challenging colors as well (see below). Our new Patina colorway takes color to a new level!

Galliano - Photo Credit: Vogue (Kim Weston Arnold/Indigitalimages.com)
Left to Right: Rorschach Copper, Rorschach Sterling, Rorschach Patina

We've transformed some of our more popular patterns into scarves. The Vines pattern is a large-scale bold pattern with layered colors that makes the velvet feel like a magical forest. Op Art is our take on the optical art of the 1960's that creates the illusions using geometric shapes. Our Leopard print, a timeless pattern is updated in luxe velvet.

Left to Right: Vines Cobalt/Black, Op Art Smoke, Leopard Plum

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